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Written by Gail Boe

Illustrated by Junica

Mascot Books

Picture Book, 20 pages

Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-64543-896-0

Book Description

Lettuce is an optimistic little head of lettuce who is trying to share his message to the world: Let us love US! We all have our own interests that make us unique, and that is what makes life exciting! Lettuce cheers on his friends for being themselves and in the process, wears himself thin. 

Follow along as everyone comes together to support Lettuce, reminding us all to truly love us!

Amazon Reviews:


"I love the illustrations in this book! And the message was so well done. I gave one to each of my grand children. They loved it too!"

"Great book for the kids."

"Excellent Christmas gift for the grandkids!"

Good Reads Review:

"This is an adorable book full of puns for adults to enjoy as it also has opposites a great learning tool for kids."